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Ron Loves TikTok & Here’s Why

I love TikTok. There it is, I came out and said it. I love TikTok. I said it again.

Why, you may ask? It is a fascinating way to drive business and brand. And here are 13 other reasons:

1. You learn about people who are different than you— how they think, feel, live, travel, eat, and do business.


2. You learn how other people perceive people just like you.

3. You learn that people are people everywhere.

4. You learn how wonderfully others can inspire, educate, and enlighten others.


5. There is a lot of stuff about drumming and music creation.

6. Briana Valdez of The Sweet Spot in Wharton, Texas, is a genius.

7. You get to hear directly from people who are genuine authorities in their fields, whether business, culture, education, philosophy; They get straight to it. Which leads to 7:


8. Some of you may love Ted talks; TikTok is filled with lots of short Ted-like talks.

9. You can quickly and efficiently dismiss people you think are too silly or dumb at that moment.

10. You learn that innovation and entrapreneurship is alive and well. By lots of young people, too!

11. As much as dinosaurs my age complain about “young people today,”, there might be just as many “young people today” wondering about the shape of the planet we are leaving them with.

12. You learn that humor and satire is not frowned upon on TikTok.

And 13. The dancing can be marvelously weird. Often it is No. 9. And why do so many people wear swim suits when they are not at the pool or the ocean? 

Ronald K. Sandershttps://www.whartonchamber.com
As a former managing editor (and talented drummer!), Ron's beat is promoting commerce and building relationships within Wharton. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Wharton Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

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