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1 Year Sentence for Former Food Service Worker That Placed Cameras in Elementary School Bathroom

In November 2019, now 44-year-old Scott Gelardi was charged with invasive visual recording, possession of child pornography and possession of child pornography with intent to promote.

Gelardi is a former Aramark employee once contracted to do food work for the El Campo Independent School District.

Maintenance workers discovered small hidden cameras in the boy’s bathroom at ECISD’s Northside Elementary School. After investigating, law enforcement found Gelardi the culprit behind the cameras.


In the 23rd District Court on Monday, Gelardi plead guilty to making an invasive recording of a bathroom and possession of lewd visual material depicting a child.

The charges differ from what was originally presented in the indicting documents to a Wharton County Grand Jury a few years ago.

Wharton County District Attorney Dawn Allison said in an interview that the original charges were amended to exclude child pornography.


“Upon review of the way the case was a originally presented to the grand jury, it alleged filming of sexual conduct of a child, which is a higher degree offense,” Allison said. “Even though, taking videos of little boys urinating is pretty disgusting it still only holds a right to punishment of 6 months to 2 years, including possibility of probation.

“So, those charges were amended and the current charges were filed.”

Apparently, in the eye of the state, filming boys urinating in a bathroom at an elementary school is not viewed as pornography.


“We have to follow the wording of the statute and the proper offense of this one was the state jail level,” Allison said.

After Gelardi’s plea of guilt, he was sentenced to serve one year in a state jail facility.

“The defendant did accept responsibility for his actions, [and] was taken immediately into custody,” Allison said. “He had been out on bond until this time. He will be transported to a state jail facility where he will serve his entire sentence.”

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