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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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I hope, after Covid, life will be lived to the fullest — not remotely

Ions ago, adolescent Baby Boomers roamed the earth. When they wanted to go to a friend’s house, they walked there. Maybe rode a bike. When it was time for the pickup baseball or basketball game, everyone knew what time to show up. But no one needed a wrist watch. 

Let’s not reminisce any longer. Perhaps, there is a point to this:

The great devices and things you use — like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon — they originated from these older people. They invented or created them with other people present in the same room.


One day, and I hope soon, Covid will be over. Will social engagement return? Will people do business with people they see, in person, or, heaven forbid, even know? Or, are we done with doing that? Is distant learning, distant shopping, and distant doing everything permanent? 

And if it weren’t for Covid, would it have happened anyway?

When the youngsters of today are the current age of these boomers of today, their contributions to the globe will be just as immense, actually more so. Among them will be saving this planet. Along with tons of products and services that make life better for billions.


I do hope that these future older people enjoy the nuisances, fulfillment, synergy, collaboration, love, respect, teamwork, and admiration that have accomplished so much previously. 

I hope, after Covid, life will be lived to the fullest — not remotely. In person or at least not impersonally. 

I’m done. I feel better.


“Players win games, teams win championships.”

Ronald K. Sandershttps://www.whartonchamber.com
As a former managing editor (and talented drummer!), Ron's beat is promoting commerce and building relationships within Wharton. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Wharton Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

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