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The Wharton County Farmers Market is stronger than ever

Yes, I am now using soap made from goats. And yes, I will be buying non-peanut brittle that’s pecan brittle. And I need more pickles, too. All at the Farmers Market.

The Wharton County Farmers Market’s new season will continue to set an example of Wharton’s future as a visitor destination.

The last time I was there was the fall-winter market. I was overwhelmed — lots and lots and lots of unique handmade products for sale, in an atmosphere of enthusiastic friends and neighbors and visitors — and live music. It was a great, memorable experience.


It became clear to me that the Farmers Market is an integral part of our future as a destination. There are many successful destinations that relied on a similar formula.

What does it take for a town to become a “destination” for visitors? It has to leave the visitors with a unique, satisfying experience built right there at home. It must be an experience that leaves an impression that he or she will share by word of mouth.

It is not just seeing and buying. It is meeting the people and hearing the stories behind these things you see and buy — all available at the Wharton County Farmers Market.

The Farmers Market is unique. It is organic. It is us. And leads by example. This is how travel destinations are built step by step.

However, all of Wharton has to work together. Like the saying goes, players win games, but teams win championships.

The new Farmers Market season will be 9 am to noon each Saturday, April 3 through June 19, at Guffey Park, 255 W. Caney St., Wharton.

Parts of this article were previously published in the Wharton Journal-Spectator. https://ronaldksanders.blogspot.com

Ronald K. Sandershttps://www.whartonchamber.com
As a former managing editor (and talented drummer!), Ron's beat is promoting commerce and building relationships within Wharton. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Wharton Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

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