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Opinion: LGBTQI response to GCF Wharton accusations and homosexuality

Dear Editor,

The following is a response to Dave Mauch’s letter to the editor from a member of the LGBTQI community who went to Grace Community Fellowship church: 

“It looks like I have some things to share here. I am gay, open about it and I grew up in Grace Ministries International. Honestly, there are few people in the LGBTQIA+ that can’t hold a civilized conversation about Jesus, the Bible, family, and etc.


“1. The ‘Death’ we are talking about is spiritual death. No one from Grace wants you to die after living a full life and be sent to hell. If you don’t like this church or their beliefs… go elsewhere. It’s not that hard.

“2. My family and many of my friends go to Grace, and let me tell you… These people want what’s best for you. They will not force anything on you. If you ask for help, they offer options, you seek it out, and let God do the rest, then dang… good for you! If you don’t like what they are offering, you can go and find additional resources.

“3. Every time I come home… GMI is my family, they taught me some of my most valuable lessons in life. They gave me chances, they helped in my healing in a lot of other places in my heart. I would not be who I am today with out GMI.


“4. Yes, I am gay. Yes I know they don’t support the LGBTQIA+ community but they are my family whether they like it or not. I have had so many break throughs because of the community and support in GMI and the love they have for the people.

“5. No matter what your “hang up” is, even if it is not one to you, I dare you to go to a service at GCF and experience it. It’s a great time.

“I live in NYC and found a church here but I will say… spreading hate on this church, the people who grew up in this church, their jobs, and their livelihoods is just flat out wrong. I might not believe in all of the things, I might have a difference stance but I can tell you… these people are mighty fine people. They will pray for you, listen with you, cry with you, lift you up for no reason at all. All of us have the right to defend for what we believe. Let’s focus on what unites us right now. It’s been a hard year y’all… let’s get along. #America


“I can see I’ll most likely get backlash from some of the LGBTQIA+ community for this but whatever.”  — Dallas Gonzales 

The allegations presented by Dave Mauch in this opinion piece are categorically false. But this is so typical of so-called “social justice warriors” whose hostility to free speech and thought is not an unfortunate byproduct of the movement but it’s very essence. 

You can be welcoming and respectful toward LGBTQI people yet still be branded a bigot if you don’t agree with the lifestyle — even if you keep that opinion to yourself, allowing others to live as they please. This speech and culture policing are a malignant Totalitarian doctrine. 

Kate Beverly
Austin, Texas (formerly Wharton, Texas)

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  1. When teaching children I think it is very important for people to be clear in their language and not figurative. Especially when that is done through online formats where an open dialogue is not going to follow the video.

    In the video posted in the GCF Wharton Youth page never clearly explained what a “figurative death” means. While some members within their own community may ascribe the word death to a figurative one. But to the majority of Americans that word represents the death of the physical body because that is the definition you find when you look it up in the English Dictionary. The message being spread online is that “gay people deserve to be put to death” word for word.

    The English Dictionaries use of the word Death is as follows:


    [ deth ]SHOW IPA
    the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.Compare brain death.

    If they had explained in the video for their young viewers the passage as it is read, and then they went back to explain that they view this as a separation from God and not a “death” would have been a better way of presenting their beliefs to young people who are online and may be LGBTQIA+.

    After this was brought to their attention instead of amending their materials online they decided to double down on their beliefs by citing three articles that say gay suicide rates are higher because of their personal choice to become gay and their personal romantic relationships. The first two articles presented were two international studies from foreign agencies and were done more than five years ago. The third was not done by an actual Medical or Psychiatric Association but by a bi-partisan think tank and research group of individuals who are not certified in the field of Psychiatry or Medicine.

    After providing them with multiple resources from the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the CDC that all refuted their claims they decided to completely ignore those resources and claim that gay suicide rates are not caused by their stance on the LGBTQIA+ community like the resources said, but instead caused by the choice to become a homosexual and turn away from God. Asserting that if a child felt negatively about themselves because of the message in their video that said “homosexuals deserve to be put to death” that it was that child’s choice to become gay and have those feelings, and that if they committed suicide it was because that child had decided to become gay and accepted those feelings.

    I have no problem with peoples religious beliefs, and I encourage people to seek out whatever kind of relief or support or community they would like. My issue with the GCF Wharton Church is their inability to take criticism on an issue that they do not have much understanding on. The world is a very big and complex place and one point of view is not the only point of view, especially on an issue like religion. No one is always going to believe the same things.

    By GCF Wharton putting two more members on the Wharton School Board that is two more opinions that support LGBTQIA+ suicides as the gay person’s choice and the gay person’s fault. I do not believe that anyone who believe this should be allowed in a position where LGBTQIA+ citizens will have to adhere to their principles or beliefs. Because while they have every right to believe that, it is not something that has any place in larger communities that have a diverse religious and cultural makeup. While this is all my opinion, as the congregants of GCF Wharton assert, there are some key facts I would like to leave off with.

    Psychiatric professionals who are not specifically religiously affiliated in this country disagree with their teachings and specifically cite ‘environmental pressures, rejection, and bullying’ are some of the main factors contributing to LGBTQIA+ suicides.

    I would like to see GCF Wharton be more accepting of those they do not understand, and not demonize them by citing scripture calling them vile and disgusting, and please to not say that any group of people deserve to be “put to death” literally or figuratively. Because words have power and you never know if those may be the last words you get to say to someone, or the last words that someone may hear. You may never get to explain that the death is “figurative” and that gay person could take it within their own hands and do what you and God has asked of them.

    • I did vote for our President-Elect Biden. I’m not sure how that has anything to do with my medical articles, and scientific facts that support my argument or why justifying death to a group of people is “right”?

  2. This reminds me of something that happened in my past. I was in an organization with only maybe two or three African Americans. Some people in the organization felt like it was okay to make racist jokes because they was not talking about me other two African Americans. It is just so hard for me to see people put a label on another group just because they do not understand their way of life. All I’m trying to say is just cuz you know a black person or a gay person or Spanish person you do not have the right to condemn them or make vile jokes about them and there way life. Hopefully you will not get offended by me making this statement it is just to unite us not divide us.

  3. Slandering individuals or their businesses because of a difference in opinion is not acceptable ever. I don’t care who’s option is right or wrong. We are all children of God and not one of us has the right to judge another person. I do not know anyone who is perfect. These vicious attacks were completely uncalled for and extremely childish. Just remember when it’s your time to meet our maker you will have to answer to him. God Blesses to all

    • No one attacked this church. As a gay man I was defending my rights, reputation, and image from people who condemned me to death online without ever knowing me.

      If they can’t handle the fallout of people knowing what they believe, that’s their own issue they should pray about.

      The rest of us don’t have to support businesses and people who hold problematic beliefs.

      So letting people know not to go to that church and not to use their businesses is VERY American. Because it’s a free country and while you can believe what you want, the rest of us can choose whether or not to support you based on those beliefs.

      Why is questioning you always an attack on your religion but your words are not an attack on my life?

    • Also, Slander is spoken. And has to be false. No statements I ever made were false.

      I think the word your looking for was libel. But still, nothing was false. I only reiterated their words and teachings to clarify.


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