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2020 Federal Joint General Election; meet your candidate

The County Gin reached out to each candidate seeking federal offices in the 2020 Joint General Election, requesting a short bio and photo.

Legend of Party Affiliations

Republican Party= (Rep), Democratic Party= (DEM), Libertarian Party = (LIB), Green Party (GRN)

Federal Offices


Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (REP) (Incumbent)

Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris (DEM)

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (LIB)

Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker (GRN)

U.S. Senator, Texas

John Cornyn (REP) (Incumbent)

John Cornyn, (REP) (Incumbent) for U.S. Senator

Sen. Cornyn was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2002, and is currently serving his third term after being reelected in 2008 and 2014. He sits on the Senate Finance, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees, where he helps craft legislation on behalf of 28 million Texans. From 2013 until 2018 Sen. Cornyn was chosen by his colleagues to serve as the Republican Whip, the second-highest ranking position in the Senate Republican Conference. A San Antonio native, Sen. Cornyn has served the people of Texas for the last three decades, as a district judge, a member of the Texas Supreme Court and Texas Attorney General, before representing the Lone Star State in the U.S. Senate. 

Mary “MJ” Hegar (DEM)

Mary “M.J.” Hegar, (DEM) for U.S. Senator

As a young girl, MJ’s dreams of becoming a military pilot were dismissed with claims that “the front is no place for a woman.” Unwilling to back down, MJ became a commissioned officer in the Air Force after graduating from the University of Texas. She was selected for a highly competitive spot in the pilot training program, where she graduated at the top of her class. MJ went on to serve three tours in Afghanistan as a combat search and rescue and medevac pilot. MJ received the Purple Heart for her injuries suffered in Afghanistan, and she is one of only a few women to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for her actions saving the lives of her crew and patients. So, she worked across the aisle and successfully led the charge to overturn the outdated policy and open up hundreds of thousands of jobs for women in the military. Now, MJ is taking on the fight for the Senate, to break the bottleneck that’s blocking any constructive progress in Washington from coming to reality. She’s up against Senator John Cornyn, who has spent nearly two decades in Washington serving the special interests over Texans.


Kerry Douglas McKennon (LIB)

Texas needs a Senator that will stand up to for individual liberty for all. I will never tow the party line. I will always listen to Texans and vote on the side of liberty. I believe we can do better for our veterans, within the criminal justice system, protecting the environment, property rights, working with immigrates, removing the government from our lives. We must protect our right to defend ourselves by any means we see fit. Our private communication and information should be able to be encrypted without the government invading our privacy. I will always vote for individual liberty for all. I will not use political footballs to attempt to hold my seat or to garner support. I will always fight for freedom.

David B. Collins (GRN)

U.S. Representative District 27

Michael Cloud (REP) (Incumbent)

Michael Cloud (REP) for U.S. Representative District 27

For the past two years, it has been a tremendous honor to represent my fellow Texans in Congress. My top priority is defending our constitutional conservative values and ensuring we pass on a safe, secure and prosperous America to our children and grandchildren. We have much work still to do. I understand Texas conservative values and why they are important. I have taken every vote with my children and grandchildren and yours at the front of my mind. From the National Right to Life, to the Susan B. Anthony List, to the National Rifle Association, to the Farm Bureau AGFUND, to economic and fiscal responsibility groups like FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity- I have earned their endorsements or their high honors because of my conservative record in Congress. Thank you for your vote, your support, and your participation in our republic. Let’s keep Texas, Texas. 

Ricardo “Rick” De la Fuente (DEM)

Phil Gray (LIB)

Phil Gray, (LIB) for U.S. Representative District 27

My name is Phil Gray and with much research and prayer, I have decided to pursue public office. I am currently running for United States Congress. No one else has come forward to address our nation’s debt. We cannot pay it down with taxes. We cannot pay it down with donations. Yet we can and will pay it down with those who can and will benefit by paying the debt down for us. I am a property manager, business owner, proud Texan, widower, and grandfather. I do not want to leave our children, our grandchildren, and their children deep in debt. This race is winnable! Our current president has added over a trillion in debt per year in a prosperous economy. Together, we will address the debt. Together, we will continue the prosperity. Together we will ease the burdens that drag our citizens down. Please see my platform and let’s work together.


Polling times and location for Wharton County can be found below.

Information from the Wharton County Elections Office.
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