The 100 Club of Wharton County Board of Directors met at Prasek’s in Hillje on Thursday, August 20 to hold its 2020 awards ceremony. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization announced the cancellation of its traditional banquet-style ceremony.

Directors organized the event to be held throughout the evening in groups, divided by each Wharton County law enforcement agency. The agency was allowed to present their awards to recipients and a limited number of guests.

Wharton County 100 Club President Allen Hurst said, “It’s not a normal year. Let’s face it, this year has been a totally different year than we’ve ever seen before. Nevertheless, we felt it was very important that we honor our officers and support staff of this past year.”


First presented by El Campo Police Department Chief Terry Stanphill, the 2020 award recipients include: Officer of the Year Cesar Olmedo; Support Staff Crystal Mican; and Citizen of the Year Jeff Snyder. Watch the video here.

Wharton Police Department Chief of Police Terry D. Lynch presented the department’s awards to the following: Officer of the Year Jerome Estrada; Support Staff Larryln Coleman; and Citizen of the Year Michael Limas. Watch the video here.

Wharton County Sheriff Shannon Srubar presented the agency’s awards to: Officer of the Year David Rangel; Support Staff Mia Soria; Corrections Officer Clay David; and Citizen of the Year Daniel Bryant. Watch the video here.


Department of Public Safety Sgt. Tommy Janik presented the following awards: Officer of the Year Texas Ranger David Chauvin; Support Staff Kelly Wix; Citizen of the Year Dario Luera Jr. Watch the video here.

WC 100 Club Officer Andy Kirkland presented the following at-large awards on behalf of the club: Officer of the Year Shawn Ferguson; and Citizen of the Year Jacob Roberson. Watch the video here.

Stay tuned to The County Gin for more information on each recipient honored on Thursday.



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